The history of the creation of SHELF-SHEEP

Before, when I lived in a tiny apartment with a tiny bathroom, a bag of toilet paper wouldn't even fit between the wall and the toilet, so I made a shelf. The idea of storing toilet paper on shelves or in some kind of storage has always seemed absurd to me-the cost of a piece of living space for this storage + the storage unit itself = absolutely crazy! What about the alternative?

After the house was empty, I took matters into my own hands and created my first sheep. Her first look was not very attractive (Figure 1), but like any mother, her child looks great.

She has since passed her genes down to the lamb toilet paper roll holder (Pic. 3), and a paper towel holding friend in the kitchen (Pic. 4).


All of them live in my house and successfully sell themselves all over the world. One of my American clients asked me to make her a mini sheep (Figure 5), which was also a success.

A friend of mine, who knits, asked me to adapt the sheep for storing wool. Keeping the wool on her back is no problem for MY Sheep. This type of sheep is now a separate product (Figure 6).

Another U.S client of mine who is engaged in wool felting sent me a photo of her sheep (pic.7),


which really decorated her studio apartment. In addition, she wrote that she can’t help but laugh every time she looks at the sheep. I wish you the same, and when friends ask you how do you store your toilet paper you will honestly answer – amusingly.             


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