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    Antonina Glezer.  Owner, Designer, Photographer

    I was born and educated in Moscow. Since 1991 I live in Israel. I worked as an analytical chemist. Now I can afford myself to work at what always been a hobby of mine - design.

    Mark Gribkov. Assistant, Customer Service, Main Critic

    Mark - he is my son. In addition, he is: a translator, a computer technician, model and the main critic of all that I do.

             The Zigzags of Destiny

    I was born and educated in Moscow. I studied at Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technology and later I worked at various Moscow research institutes. I changed my professional activity from lip-gloss development to chromatography at the Institute of Organic Chemistry. Then I flew on an airplane - lab over different regions researching air pollution.

    Since 1991 I`ve lived in Israel. For over 25 years I worked as an analytical chemist for a university and for a pharmaceutical company. When my children have grown older and I got tired of chemistry I have decided to go ahead and start studying something which was a passion of mine all along. First I have completed courses of interior design, then project management and, finally, I have graduated from the Holon Institute of Technology majoring in design of industrial products. Now I can afford myself to work at what always has been a hobby of mine - design.

    I specialize in the creation of products from industrial leftovers. I use natural materials and also recycle them.

    I could not calmly watch how the veneer of valuable wood species was thrown away. Using my knowledge of chemistry, I created a new veneer-based material. Later I used it to create fun wall stickers for my design items. I create unusual and fun gadgets for home decor and storage. In my work, I use a combination of handicraft and high-tech technologies such as laser cutting.

    I have been selling since 2012. During this time I've made over 2,500 sales across stores like Dawanda, A Little Market, GLEZANTdesign on Etsy and AntGl on Etsy.