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One day I went to a friend's house with a small present for the house: a Lamb-shaped Toilet Roll Holder. She looked at me in surprise and reminded me that she had two children. Then I was surprised: "Do they all have their own toilet?" Then I was invited to the Children's Room and I saw that on the headboard of each children's bed lay a roll of toilet paper, which in this house was used by the children as tissue paper. Fortunately for me, there was another Lamb in my car (I produce them myself). The children happily pasted the gifts I gave them on the wall above the bed, each one in his own way positioned the head and legs. But that was not the end of my predicament. The children were quite acute and asked me: "Why does the Lamb has only two legs and not four?" "This is because he is standing sideways, in profile and only turned his head towards us." I retorted, and in order to persuade them, I showed how when I stand in profile - only one leg is visible.
The children accepted my explanation, now nothing prevented them from enjoying the gift.
Now, if you want to follow the example of my resourceful friend and want your children to have a funny "tissue paper" at hand, you know where to buy the Lamb.
And without hesitation, answer the child's tricky question: "Why does the Lamb has only two legs, and not four?"