Тhe history of creation candlesticks transformers "The ideal couple".

I've been an adult for a long time and once again a free women too, with a good figure and strong character.
In my life I've experienced two very different divorces with two much diverse husbands and had two very different children, who see themselves as adults.

As years go by you realize that ones character doesn't tend to get any softer and there never seems to be any time for getting used to one another. One hope remains - to meet your second half in life that would fit you perfectly. Therefore the idea of the "perfect pair" candlesticks wasn't just something spontaneous I came up with but rather the embodiment of the "hope which dies last" spirit.

Two beautiful figures made of hardwood ideally complement each other, harmoniously coexist, tightly pressed against each other. If they so desire they can turn their heads to each other or by removing their heads move away from each other and shine in the light of their eternally young soul.