The history of the creation of SHELF-SHEEP

Before, when I lived in a tiny apartment with a tiny bathroom, a bag of toilet paper would not even fit between the wall and the toilet.
The year of the Sheep was approaching, and I had just completed my industrial designer studies at Holon College of Technology. The idea of ​​storing toilet paper in a closet or cabinet has always seemed absurd to me. The calculator worked in my head:
the cost of living space for this storage + the storage unit itself = crazy! What about the alternative?
I threw the net into Google, but the pictures from Google did not bring anything joyful (maybe you are luckier). And then She was born - My Sheep. Her first face was terrible, but I did not notice it (as to every parent, my child seemed beautiful to me) (Pic.1)

I happily sent out a picture of Mother Sheep to everyone I knew with the best wishes for the coming year of Sheep. People liked it, then it went a long way of improvement and now it is my busyness card.  (Pic.2)

In the future, she would have a Lamb - Roll holder (Pic.3) and a friend in the kitchen - Paper towel holder.(Pic.4)  All of them live in my house and are successfully selling all over the world.


One of U.S. customers asked me to make a Mini Sheep for her, which also became popular. (Pic.5) 

A friend of mine who is fond of knitting asked to adapt the Sheep for yarn storage. Keeping wool on is not a problem for my Sheep. This Sheep is now a separate product. (Pic.6) 

A felting customer from the United States sent me a photo of her Sheep, which decorated her studio apartment. In addition, she wrote that she could not keep herself from laughing every time she looked at this Sheep.(Pic.7) 


And I wish that you too to the question of friends: how you store toilet paper or wool, could honestly answer – amusingly!